Today’s Look: Hello Spring + Conquering Fashion Fears

As you could probably tell by my last post, I am all about easy, breezy, and beautiful dresses this spring. (Did I just use the CoverGirl slogan to describe dresses? Maybe, but it’s accurate.) Last week, I shared eight dresses that would be perfect for Easter Sunday or a casual spring day. Well today, I am going to be showing you how I personally styled one of those dresses, and how doing so helped me to overcome some of my “fashion fears.”


Dress: Old Navy (Unavailable Online) Denim Jacket: Old Navy (Unavailble Online) Shoes: Rampage (TJ Maxx) Purse: Nine West


I used to never wear denim jackets. They were the kind of thing that I wore only if I had to, like with a dress that needed an extra layer. I guess somewhere in the back of my head I thought that denim jackets could never been stylish. But when I found this jacket at Old Navy, I was immediately drawn to it. It was such a reach for me because I never wear light wash denim, but now I can’t be seen without it. This is my new favorite top layer to just throw on over anything and everything. I’m very tempted to add patches and pins to this jacket, but I also like the idea of a plain jacket that will go with everything. What are your thoughts? Maybe I should just get another jacket to patch up! 😉


I seriously love the midi trend. It makes me feel like a princess, and all I want to do it twirl. I know, cliche right? But it’s so true. I was initially hesitant to wear it, but after trying this dress on, I fell in love. It is so comfy and feminine and it just makes me feel like it’s spring time.


As someone who has never been skinny, I’ve always been wary of the way clothing looks on my body. I followed rules like: don’t wear anything that hits your mid calf or it will cut you off and make you look short and stubby. Or don’t wear shoes that hit at your ankle…for the same reason. Basically, I had to follow every rule or I would end up looking “terrible.” But honestly, after a while, following the rules becomes too confining. And you never get to wear what you want. So I say screw the rules, wear what you want, and feel fabulous while doing so.

What are your fashion fears? What are you too self conscious to try? Because I guarantee you are capable of rocking it. All it takes some confidence and sass! And I don’t know about you, but I have enough of that to spare. So turn the world into your runway. 1…2…3…Let’s go!

Love, Kendall


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