Today’s Look: Denim Shirt Dress + Quick Life Update

Hello guys! It’s been awhile, and a lot has changed in the past couple of weeks. I finished my junior year of college, moved out of my first apartment, got settled back home, and now I only have two weeks before I pack back up and head to New York. Suffice to say, my head is reeling and I apologize for the lack of posting. It’s been almost impossible to get the ground under my feet before its pulled out from underneath me again. I really appreciate your patience with me, and I really hope that patience continues. I believe in being transparent with you guys, and I just want to update you guys on a couple of changes that are coming to my blog (and my life) as well as a couple of kinks I’m still working out.


Shirt Dress: Old Navy Purse: Anne Klein (TJ Maxx) Shoes: Rampage (TJ Maxx) Necklace: Old Navy


First things first, this dress. I am so glad that the shirt dress trend is back! This dress is one of the most comfy things in my closet, and the chambray material is so versatile and stylish. You can literally style this dress in so many different ways. Whether you dress it up, like I did today, or dress it down for a casual day running around.


Now’s the time for some transparency. I love this blog. I love sharing my love for photography, fashion, and beauty, as well as getting personal with you guys. Although this blog started out as a way for my friends and family back home to keep up with me while I was away at college, I feel like the intentions behind it have evolved a lot over the years. I truly do want this to become a blog that is focused solely on fashion, styling, and beauty, as well as my everyday life. However, I feel like given the following that I have, mostly friends and family, I am not able to fully deliver the content I want without losing interest/followers. As shallow as that sounds, you can’t really be a blogger without worrying about gaining a wider audience. And while I am trying to move past that, I am still struggling with trying to find a compromise regarding my content.


So here’s what to expect on my blog over the next couple of weeks: changes, lots of changes. Hopefully for the better. I am turning 21 next, and the week after that I am heading to New York to intern for the summer with a fashion magazine. I don’t know how easy or hard taking pictures/blogging will be in the big city, especially with my busy schedule. On another note, I am hoping to revamp the look and overall aesthetic of my blog over the next couple weeks. More than anything I ask for prayers and patience with me as I attempt to navigate the ever changing world of blogging.


I would really like to hear any feedback or comments you guys might have about my blog as well as any content you would be interested in seeing. Thank you guys so much for following me and for coming on this journey with me. I know it hasn’t been easy, but I love hearing from you guys. Your overwhelming love and support makes me smile.

I look forward to hearing from all of you.

Love, Kendall


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  1. I love seeing you pursue your passions! You should produce whatever kind of content that works best and most inspiring for you and your following will eventually grow to include people who are interested is that genre! Love you lots, and I hope you\’ll have a blast in NY!

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