How to Style a Fur Vest

Happy Friday, everyone!

Raise your hand if you are loving this cold weather? Now raise your hand if you are sick and tired of it? Well, guess who just raised both of her hands: me!

I’m sorry if you are ready to move onto spring and summer, but I just can’t let the winter fashion go. I love being able to wear sweaters and jackets and multiple layers. But on the other hand, I hate going outside when it is below freezing. I just want that chill in the air, without feeling like I’m frozen by the time I get home. Is that too much to ask??

Today, I am sharing the perfect winter outfit with you: a fur vest! When I first got this vest for Christmas about two years ago, I had no idea how I was going to wear it. And to be completely honest, it just sat in my closet collecting dust up until recently. My dad likes to joke that this vest looks like “squirrel fur,” but don’t worry it is 100% faux fur! I understand that a lot of you might think that a fur vest looks tacky or outrageous, and a few years ago I probably would have agreed with you. But when styled correctly this piece can be both stylish and warm!

Photo Jan 11, 3 19 36 PM

Sweater: Old Navy  Fur Vest: Old Navy (similar)  Jeans: JCPenney’s  Belt: Anne Klein  Booties: Dolce Vita (similar)

Photo Jan 09, 1 33 30 PMPhoto Jan 09, 1 14 19 PM

I think my favorite thing about fur vests, and this vest in particular, is the texture and amount of interest they bring to any outfit. The different colors of brown layered on top of each other really create the allusion of dimension and body in the fur. Because of that, I think it is best to layer a vest like this over a much simpler outfit.

If you are worried about wearing a statement piece like this, it is best to keep the rest of your outfit toned down so that the vest adds to the ensemble instead of taking away from it. I paired this dark, forest green sweater with this outfit because the color really compliments and enhances the colors of the vest.

Photo Jan 09, 1 11 14 PMPhoto Jan 09, 1 45 34 PM

When I think of fur vests I am often reminded of the boxy and unflattering shape that they tend to have. To prevent the amount of fabric from completely taking over, I put on some skinny jeans and tucked my sweater in the front. By doing this, I am clearly accentuating my waist and breaking up the boxiness of the vest. I also added some height with these brown suede booties.

Whether you are on the curvier side (like me) or the more petite side, this step is essential in making sure you are wearing the vest, and the vest isn’t wearing you.

Photo Jan 09, 1 47 39 PMPhoto Jan 09, 1 45 46 PM

Because the rest of the outfit is simple, I decided to add some gold accents with the jewelry and accessories. Layering necklaces is such a trend right now, but in order to do this right you need to make sure you choose two necklaces with varying styles, lengths, or widths. Here I have one gold necklace with a thin, delicate chain and pendant, and one gold necklace with a thicker, more textured chain. I also added this Anne Klein statement belt to bring attention to my waist and really pull this whole look together.

Photo Jan 11, 3 18 30 PM

Overall, the colors, fur, and accessories give this outfit a slight 70s vibe with a modern twist. I can’t believe this started with an item that took up space in my closet, and became one of my favorite looks I’ve shared on Becoming Kendall. Whether you are looking for some inspiration and tips for rocking your own fur vest, or you feel inspired to pull that item you never grab for out of your closet and create an amazing look with it, I hope this post has helped you. Feel free to share your own tips on how to rock a fur vest, or any other statement piece, in the comments down below!

Have a great weekend, and I’ll see you next time!

Love, Kendall

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