Travel Diaries: My First Week Interning in New York

Hello everyone from New York City! I’ve been spending the past couple of weeks getting settled in my new apartment, my new city, and my new job. In case you didn’t know, I am interning with Women’s Health Magazine this summer in New York City. Now for the question I am sure you are all begging to ask me: how is life in the big city? Well, that’s a bit of a complicated question,  but I promise that I will do my best to answer it over the next several blog posts in this new series that I am titling “Travel Diaries.”


Shirt: Old Navy (white version here)  Jeans: JCPenney’s  Shoes: Target

The other day, my friend Megan and I pranced to Central Park for a little photo shoot, but little did we know that there would be some rain on our parade. With only a 30% chance of rain, of course we would experience a torrential downpour in the middle of Central Park. And without an umbrella, we were forced to hide under a tree until it slowed down. At least we have a fun story to tell now.


Shortly after our escapade in the rain, we headed back home to get ready to see Brendon Urie in Kinky Boots on Broadway! And boy was it worth it! Now I went in not knowing anything about the show, but I walked out knowing that I had just witnessed one of the most fun and exciting shows on Broadway! The finale felt like a literal party. Brendon Urie was amazing, as always, and I think I’m in love. But I don’t know if it’s with Brendon or the show 😉

Photo Jun 02, 7 31 25 PMPhoto Jun 02, 10 53 09 PMPhoto Jun 02, 10 53 44 PMPhoto Jun 02, 10 53 15 PM

Now let’s talk about my job. I am working as an editorial fashion intern for Women’s Health. Long story short, this means I work a lot in the fashion closet, checking in samples from different brands for us to style in the magazine, and occasionally getting to personally assist the fashion editor on photo shoots! Now for confidentiality reasons, I can not share details involving the shoots (sorry!) but I will do my best to share what I can. Plus, you can see everything I have helped work on in the upcoming October issue. Until then, I can only share vague pictures, but I will definitely be posting more once the issue is published! Stay tuned!

Photo May 31, 3 33 15 PMPhoto Jun 08, 2 36 58 PMPhoto May 31, 7 34 51 PM

I am loving life in the city, and while I miss home, my family, and friends, I feel a sense of purpose being here. I don’t think I have ever been this happy or fulfilled in life. This does not come without struggles, but I will get into those more next week.

Photo May 31, 5 40 26 PM

I can’t wait to continue sharing my adventures and experiences with you guys. This may be the most brutally honest series I have ever covered on here to date. I really hope you enjoy.

Until next time!

Love, Kendall

Photo May 31, 2 28 44 PM

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