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We are going to start today’s post off with a fun fact.

Fun Fact: this blog post originally started out as a post about my New Years resolutions, but sadly, it never made it in time. Oops. 🙂

On the bright side, New Years resolutions are supposed to last all year round, right? So here we have it, my goals for the year!

1. Read More

I know this one seems simple enough, but with my crazy schedule, I feel like I never have time to myself anymore. Sometimes you just need to come home after a long day, curl up in bed, and read a good book. Honestly, I miss just being able to read for my own enjoyment.

2. Cook More

As a part of my roommate and I trying to eat healthier, we have been doing our best to cook at least three times a week. This is to try and keep us from eating Chick-fil-A every day a week.

3. Be More Organized

I love this planner from Erin Condren! It has saved my life. It helps me get my months, weeks, and even my days scheduled down to the minute. Plus their is even a section for monthly goals and a thankful thought at the end of the week.

4. Set More Goals

I know this seems a little redundant, but I really want to start not only setting goals, but setting goals with specific deadlines. I’ve also found that writing goals down, helps a lot for staying motivated and organized. For example, I am currently applying for internships in New York City, and my new goal is to finish one application a night until I get an offer.

5. Love Myself

Now this goal is something I have been working on for as long as I can remember, although sometimes more actively than others. I know most people tend to make New Years resolutions about health or weight loss. But this year I decided that instead of stressing myself out with the idea that I need to lose weight in order to love myself, I decided that I’m going to reverse it. If I start by loving myself the way I am now, I will start taking care of myself, and start losing weight. Because I know that this is a process that doesn’t happen over night, I am trying to learn to appreciate where I am now.

I hope this blog post encourages you guys to write your goals down for the year, and to keep your New Years resolutions going into the rest of the year. Comment some of your yearly goals down below, and have a great week!

Love, Kendall



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