Vacation Series Part 3: Beach Day


Hey guys! So I know that this post is a bit later than expected, but last week I was having issues with my laptop. Long story short, I ended up having to send it away for repairs and will be without a laptop for the next couple of weeks. Thankfully, my sweet and loving boyfriend is letting me borrow his laptop so that I can keep posting for you all! Isn’t he the best? (The answer to that question is yes, in case you were wondering) 😉


While we were in Florida, my boyfriend Philip had the wonderful idea of going to see the sunrise over the ocean. After some convincing, we eventually got the whole family to join us. We woke up early, grabbed some donuts (per my uncle’s suggestion), and headed to the beach. There were hardly any people, and it was absolutely beautiful. The photographer in me may have snapped a hundred pictures, but it was worth it. If you ever have the opportunity to see the sunrise, especially over a magnificent horizon like this, please take advantage. It was so worth getting up early. Although, the nap we all took afterwards may have helped…


Remember all those pictures I mentioned? Here are the ones I decided were actually worth sharing with you. Because, everyone knows you have to take pictures kissing and holding hands in front of a sunrise <3


I miss the carefree attitude a day at the beach gives you. When they say “beach hair don’t care” they mean it. Maybe it’s something in the salt water?


As you can tell, dad was really happy to be up at 6 a.m. on vacation just to see the sunrise.


Philip had the girls bury him in the sand. They loved it, he loved it, and they all not-so-secretly had a crush on him, but who can blame them? 🙂

Photo Jun 18, 4 29 12 PM

Bikini top: Lane Bryant(on sale!)  High-waisted bottoms: Lane Bryant(also on sale!)

So, I can now say that I am obsessed with the high-waisted bikini trend! Finally, a swimsuit I not only look good in, but FEEL good in. I got this one at Lane Bryant, and let me just say that if you are a little more on the curvy side (like me) then go and check them out! Plus, they are having their big Semi-Annual Sale right now! I just got these bottoms and this top on sale as well. These bikinis have made me one happy girl. Yay for body positivity!

Well I hope you, enjoyed this post. This concludes my Vacation Series. Until next time.

Love, Kendall

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