Beginnings and Endings

Well I’m not going to lie, I have been wracking my brain trying to figure out what to write about on this blog. It’s been a while since I created it, and I have yet to actually write a blog post. Until now, that is. In my defense, I have been busy preparing for, moving in, and settling in to college. I have completed my first couple of weeks of classes, and the dust is starting to settle. So I guess now I have the time to put my thoughts to keyboard. Here it goes.

“The future is scary, but you can’t just run back to the past because it’s familiar.”

-How I Met Your Mother

This past weekend I went home for Labor Day. It was my first time back home since I moved into my dorm room and said goodbye to my family. It felt so good to be back in the town that I grew up in and to be surrounded by people I knew. Everything was so familiar. It almost felt like I had never left. But at the same time, I felt out of place. Everyone: my family, my friends, my boyfriend, had moved on in life without me. I don’t know why that shocked me as much as it did. It’s not like I expected them to click the pause button on their lives until I got back. I certainly wasn’t spending my time at OSU counting down the days until I could go home and see everyone I missed.

Actually, that’s exactly what I was doing. And it’s not that there is anything wrong with that. I have every right to miss all the people I left behind. But, as I will soon realize and accept, I also have every right to enjoy this new and exciting part of my life. And that’s what I’ve decided to dedicate to this blog. Throughout this transition into college and, later on, into the real world this is where I will map out my journey of becoming independent, confident, unique, and me.

Wish me luck,


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  1. Kendall! Way to get that first post up! 🙂 Looking forward to reading more. It\’s always a weird feeling going back home after some time at college. I remember doing that same thing and being struck with how strange it felt to see life going on without you. Just know that, even though life does goes on (none of us can stop that from happening, unfortunately), it doesn\’t mean you are any less loved and missed! 🙂 We are always here for you and we\’re behind you 100% through the rest of your journey! There are nothing but bright horizons in front of you! So excited to watch your future unfold. 🙂 You\’re always in our prayers!

  2. Great job, Kendall! I look forward to hearing more about the triumphs and the challenges of college life and the real world from you point of view.

  3. The transitions never really end, I think. Just when you settle into something, some facet changes and more transitioning happens. I\’m proud of you for taking on this adventure so boldly and beautifully!!!! Which is the only way you could, honestly, as beautiful as you are!!!!!!!!!

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